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Find trails for hiking, biking, and backpacking. Discover a new favorite swimming hole, hot spring, or kayak run. Maybe you just need a free skatepark or rock climbing wall. In the winter, you can make yourself a list of all the sledding hills to try out or maybe just find a great trail for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Whatever you like to do to find peace in nature or spike your adrenaline, find your next location with us and make it an adventure to remember.


Etiquette Be courteous. When on any trail it is important to be polite and courteous of others. Keep in mind that sounds can carry. Some common courtesies on the trail include: Acknowledging other adventurers! Don't be afraid to politely greet others along the way. Give other groups plenty of space. When approaching a fellow-hiker from behind do the courteous thing of saying something so they are not completely startled when you pass by. Keep your technology volume levels low. If you need to take a break,...

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Mountain Biking

Whether you ride Downhill, XC, All Mountain/Enduro, Dirt Jumps, Trials, or Urban/Street, you've experience the excitement, challenges, pains, and victories that we know as mountain biking. There are many styles of bikes and many disciplines associated with them, each one with its own communities but every one filled with a passion that starts with getting on a bike. Mountain biking is fast gaining popularity with people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and athletic abilities. Young children are finding new adventure on small trails and local pump tracks. For many young adults, it's a hobby that allows them to get outside and...

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Etiquette Damage Don’t break or leave anything in caves. Caves are awesome places to explore and they deserve your respect. Don’t leave them as a mess. Don’t leave graffiti Not only is graffiti illegal, it is dangerous. Spraying paint in caves emits toxins into the air which are detrimental to our lungs. Aerosol cans contain methanol which is biodegradable but very bad for humans. Graffiti damages cave walls and is costly to clean and repair. The better the condition of the cave, the better the experience can be for spelunkers. Don’t touch or harm cave animals Leave cave critters alone. If you leave them alone,...

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Etiquette Share the trail. When on any trail it is important to be polite and courteous of others. Respect others by keeping to the right side and passing on the left. Those who are going uphill typically have the right of way but sometimes hikers going up do prefer to step aside to catch their breath. The typical order or trail hierarchy includes horses first, hiker's second, and bikers third. If you are in a large pack, avoid stopping in the middle of the path to stretch. Leave no trace.Stay on trails and respect nature around you. Try to keep nature looking natural;...

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Canyoneering is any adrenaline junkie's dream because of the adventurous nature of the activity. Canyoneering is anything that gets thrill seekers across a canyon either by swimming, climbing, rappelling, cliff jumping, or hiking. What you will need There are several items you need before you head on your first Canyoneering adventure. You will need a backpack, a drybag (for items you don’t want wet), rope, a harness, carabiners, a helmet, and good shoes with good grip. For many canyons, being a proficient rock climber is a must. You should at least be very confident with rappelling. If you are canyoneering for your...

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