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Warrenton, VA, USA
38.7134516, -77.7952712

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13 Free Swimming Holes near Warrenton, Virginia

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Double Ford

Rixeyville, Virginia

13.6 miles SW

Pretty shallow - thigh deep water. More of a put-in place for tubes canoes and kayaks than a swimming hole.


swim Swimming Hole

Rock Mills

Castleton, Virginia

18.6 miles W

NOTE: We received this note in 8/2014: "This is private property belonging to Mount Lebanon Baptist Church on Scrabble Rd. Permits are needed to be on the property."...


swim Swimming Hole

Piney River

Sperryville, Virginia

25.9 miles W

There are said to be numerous swimming holes along this river, one at the foot of a waterfall. (I have hiked down here about 3.5 miles, to where the trail crosses the...


swim Swimming Hole

Overall Area

Crewe, Virginia

26.7 miles NW

Several swimming places south of Front Royal in the Page Valley- off of RT 340. For details...


swim Swimming Hole

Keep Loudoun Beautiful Park

Leesburg, Virginia

29.7 miles NE

Kayak put in and swimming place in a Loudon County Park. Swimming is unofficial, no lifeguard. Address is: 43055 Golf Club Rd., Leesburg, VA 20175


swim Swimming Hole

Elizabeth Furnace Area

Rixeyville, Virginia

31.8 miles NW

Swimming holes in creek along road and also smaller holes near picnic area and behind campground. These swimming holes, in Passage Creek, tend to be much warmer and...


swim Swimming Hole

Falmouth Riverside Park

Falmouth, Virginia

32.4 miles SE

Traditional family swimming place in Rappahannock River. Gradual entry for the kids, lots of tubing and families, some areas chest deep in spring but may not be deep...


swim Swimming Hole

Old Rag Area

Crewe, Virginia

33.1 miles W

There are numerous (we list 6 locations) swimming holes at the bottom of falls and elsewhere in rivers in the East Central region of the Shenandoah National Park, in the...


swim Swimming Hole

Rapidan Rivers

Madison, Virginia

36.2 miles SW

There are numerous large, deep great swimming holes along these two rivers accessible by an easy hike up to the junction of the rivers then up either river a short...


swim Swimming Hole

Big Rock Falls

Syria, Virginia

37.2 miles SW

A very nice, easy and pretty hike in the Shenandoah N. P. (about 3 miles round trip) to a lovely little falls with a nice little swimming hole at the bottom. Sliding...


swim Swimming Hole

Potomac Wayside

Purcellville, Virginia

42.1 miles N

Right where VA, MD and WV come together near Harpers Ferry, there is a stream and waterfall that empty into the Potomac River. Here is a description for a...


swim Swimming Hole

Silver Spring Kids Fountain

Silver Spring, Maryland

45.7 miles NE

Water-play fountain for kids in center of a lively shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex in downtown Silver Spring MD (a northern suburb of Washington DC). Cool...


swim Swimming Hole


Derwood, Maryland

46.0 miles NE

Small place for a cool dip in suburban creek just before it empties into Lake Bernard Frank. Unsure of cleanliness of water due to suburban location - be cautious, do...


swim Swimming Hole

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