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0.3 mi

Pointless Crag

Ririe, Idaho

6.8 miles E of Ririe, Idaho
  • NO MORE BOLTING as of 5/2012 requested by the Bureau of Land Management.
  • The BLM has asked us NOT to park on the road below the cliff. Please use the obvious parking area next to the river before reaching the cliff. The parking area is 2.7 miles up the South Fork Rd on the right from where you turn off of the Ski Hill Road.
  • Some of the 1st bolts are high off the ground and require climbing through suspect rock to clip. PLEASE don't trust the stone and protect yourself by clipping the first bolt from the ground with a stick clip.
  • Many top anchors are equipped with carabiners for convenience and safety with these short routes. They are not yours to take home! Use them for lowering only. If you are going to top-rope or run lead laps, please use your own quickdraws at the anchors until the last lap, then lower off the fixed biners.
  • The rock on most routes is suspect and the climber is not responsible for maintaining awareness of all persons on the ground. If you get whacked by falling rock, it's your own fault. Belay, cheer, observe, socialize in a safe place. Take it seriously and speak up if you see someone in harms way. The climber isn't looking out for your safety... you are. Take it seriously. Serious.
  • Rattlesnakes, ticks, and mosquito's. Nothing more needs to be said.
Courtesy of Dean Lords, Route Setter

Routes from Left to Right

Route Difficulty
Black Betty 5.12b
50 yard gap
Head on a Silver Platypus 5.10a
Sleepwalker 5.10d
4-Alarm Fire 5.10b
Hoppe Hill 5.10c
Hustle and Flow 5.12d
Goat Meal 5.11a
Hungry Eyes 5.9
Stingray 5.10c/d
30 yard gap
Orbit 5.11a
20 yard gap
Rock-in My Sports Bra 5.9
Disappearing Hat Trick 5.10a
Lords-a-Leaping (AKA 5.7 Crack) 5.7
Black Bear 5.12a
What's the Point? 5.11b
11 O'clock 5.10a
Team Trailer 5.8
The Bicycle Thief 5.10a
Alien Pod 5.7


The routes are marked on the map but are not the exact GPS. They are in the right order and should get you fairly close to the right routes.

Rock Climb

rock climb Rock Climbing Wall

Last visited on 16 Jun 2023
0.9 mi

Buffalo River Campground

Island Park, Idaho

0.5 miles NE of Island Park, Idaho

The float here is nice and easy. It's a great early season float. Later in the season the shallow spots will force you to walk a good chunk of the float. The water is super clear and often pretty warm (for a river). The current is often slow enough you can float down in your canoe or kayak and then paddle back up.

Buffalo Campground is located 26 miles south of West Yellowstone, Montana in beautiful Island Park, Idaho along the banks of the Buffalo River at an elevation of 6,200 feet. A mixed growth pine forest provides partial shade; aspens dot the landscape, and summer wildflowers are abundant. The Buffalo River has good brook and rainbow trout fishing. Wildlife can be frequently spotted throughout the area. Buffalo Campground boasts 117 single units, 4 double units, and 1 group site. It has some power hook-ups and is a good fishing spot.Courtesy of
Camp, Canoe, Kayak, Swim

swim Swimming Hole

camp Campsite

canoe Canoeing Area

kayak Kayaking Area

Last visited on 11 Jul 2020
17.5 mi

Tear Drop Lake

Ashton, Idaho

19.1 miles NE of Ashton, Idaho

Nestled in the Targhee National Forest just off of Ashton's Fish Creek Road, this tear drop shaped lake is a family adventure waiting to happen. The lake isn't very big but it is teeming with life. Early in the morning the lake is so beautiful and calm that you can hear the fish jumping from across the water. Take your kayak out early and you can see well into the crystal waters. You could also take a hike or bike ride on the trail that circles the lake. It's got enough ups, downs, and turns to keep it interesting but is easy enough that even the most novice bikers can do it with ease.

As it warms up a little, the kayaks take over and it becomes a playground for family fun. The lake is big enough for there to be plenty of room for everyone but small enough that you can feel safe with some of your younger ones out in the middle of a lake fighting to tip each others' kayaks over. The shores are great for wading and swimming. There have been rope swings and diving boards at times but there is a sign there prohibiting any such devices of mass fun and liability.

As the sun fades, everybody slowly retreats to their camps, the lake quiets down again, and fisherman have their time. If you haven't yet, now is the time to soak yourself in all your bug spray and get out your citronella torches. Yes, even the mosquitos are impressive here.

The campsites here are primitive providing at most a place to park, a flat spot for your tent, and maybe a fire ring made of rocks. There are somewhere around 10 such spots on the East and West ends of the lake. There are no bathrooms, water pumps, or garbage cans here so come prepared with your own drinking water and the ability to properly dispose of your own waste. This is bear country so take care with your food and make sure you have a good way to store it overnight. 

This is one of those great free spots that hasn't been overrun with people or regulations yet. Please help to keep it that way by being considerate and following the principles of leave no trace.

Camp, Canoe, Hike, Kayak, Mountain Bike, Swim

mountain bike Mountain Bike Trail

swim Swimming Hole

hike Hiking Trail

camp Campsite

canoe Canoeing Area

kayak Kayaking Area

Last visited on 27 Jun 2020
0.5-3.5 mi

Webster's Dam

Ririe, Idaho

9.8 miles NE of Ririe, Idaho

Also known as Manmade Falls or the Woodmansee Dam, Webster Dam is an abandoned dam located deep in Moody Creek canyon, the dam was abandoned when sediment built up behind the dam which then caused the stream to split and flow around both sides of the dam, creating two beautiful waterfalls each about 15 feet in height. This makes a fun evening trip and is good for almost any time of the year as well. It's beautiful in the spring with powerful falls from the spring runoff and in the fall, there are plenty of fall colors along the pole line trail and around the waterfalls. At the falls, you'll find two waterfalls coming over each end of the dam. On the south end of the dam there is a bridge that spans the creek on that side. There is a little island in the middle where you can sit on the rock wall and take in the whole scene.

There are two trails which weave back and forth a couple of times so you can really choose your route a little bit. The main parking area is at the top of the hill by pole line and that's also the most common trailhead. The pole line trail follows the ATV road with several ups and downs. For the most part its a fairly rounded out and bermed double track awesome for mountain bikes and ATVs. For much of it, there's a hiking trail that follows along the side of it. However you travel this trail, be very aware of other riders and hikers which can seem to appear out of nowhere. The trail continues along the power pole lines for just over 3/4 miles, then turns left just as the balls on the power lines come into view. After a couple hundred feet, you'll see the other trail merge into this one from the left and then take off again to the right about 150 yards later. Keep left on the "pole line trail" for a more gradual decent or go right on the "wooded trail" for a more adventurous and much steeper route. The pole line trail go out and hook back taking you straight to the falls.

The wooded trail trailhead is Northwest of the pole line trail. It's a less used ATV track that goes back and forth between the woods and the pole line until it merges with the pole line trail about 3/4 miles in, only to split to the right 150 yards later. In another 100 yards, you'll come across another junction; keep left. In another 150 yards it will come back together with the pole line trail and continue all the way to the falls. On the upper portions, this trail is has a lot fewer ups and downs making it a more gradual hike. After merging with the pole line trail though, this trail becomes the much steeper option. 

Whichever of these 2 paths you choose, the last 1/3 mile descent is more like a chunky forest road than the double track above. It has some pretty steep parts, some chunky rock sections, and some rollers that make great mountain bike jumps. While it's a little steep and chunky, most intermediate riders should be able to handle it just fine. At the bottom just before the falls are some very large dirt jumps off to the side. The last 30 yards to the falls after the dirt jumps is much more janky, probably more like a black diamond on a bike but not too tricky to get down on foot. 

The third option is much longer, starting at the warming cabin on Brown's Road. It's an intermediate trail to the creek and then a green (easy) trail along the creek to the dam.

A very popular route to do this on a mountain bike is to loop it starting either at the warming cabin or the top of the pole line and riding down the pole line to the waterfall and then out Mad Cow and up Cabin Climb to complete the loop.

This can be a great family hike. Plan on 2-4 hours to hike it with little ones, depending on how fast and tough they are.


Camp, Hike, Mountain Bike