Don’t break or leave anything in caves. Caves are awesome places to explore and they deserve your respect. Don’t leave them as a mess.

Don’t leave graffiti

Not only is graffiti illegal, it is dangerous. Spraying paint in caves emits toxins into the air which are detrimental to our lungs. Aerosol cans contain methanol which is biodegradable but very bad for humans. Graffiti damages cave walls and is costly to clean and repair. The better the condition of the cave, the better the experience can be for spelunkers.

Don’t touch or harm cave animals

Leave cave critters alone. If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone as well. This is their territory, not yours. Let them be. Bats can be especially fragile, so be sure to be cautious and intentional in all your caving actions.


Caves are no place for fires.Fires leave damage such as stains on cave walls and leave a mess on the cave floor. Fires need proper ventilation which caves usually do not have. As a cave fills with smoke, oxygen is depleted and people can suffocate. Don’t build ‘em.


Leave no trace. Litter left in caves is hard to remove and can cause pollution as well as damage to cave life. If you pack it in, be sure to pack it out with you.


Many caves are privately owned or heavily regulated, therefore, obtaining permission prior to caving is extremely important. Be respectful of the cave owners and be sure to act politely so others can enjoy the cave after you.

Personal Waste

A cave is not a bathroom. Caves lack drainage and ways to dispose of waste. Do your business prior to entering the cave or wait until you exit.


If something becomes dislodged which could potentially harm another person, be sure to yell “ROCK” and give them a heads up. It’s better safe than sorry.


Don’t smoke in caves. Smoking in caves causes them to smell bad.

General Cave Safety

  • Go caving with three or more people
  • Remember to bring extra lights
  • Dress in proper clothing for the cave
  • Dress warm
  • Don’t wear loose jewelry
  • Make sure your glasses are securely fastened
  • Cave with those who are experienced
  • Don’t jump
  • Stay close to a buddy

The privileges of caving are at risk whenever caves are disrespected. These incredible places to explore are unfortunately closed due to fires, vandalism, and trash. Take care of the caves so other explorers can enjoy them too.