7 Free Skateboard Parks near Menan, Idaho - Free Arenas
Menan, ID 83434, USA
43.720744, -111.9899703
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7 Free Skateboard Parks near Menan, Idaho

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Rigby Skate Park

Rigby, Idaho

5.2 miles SE

This is a fairly small concrete skate park. It has a couple of half bowls, a few sets of steps, a couple ramps, and a few rails. There's a lot of extra pavement for practicing your flat...


skateboard Skateboard Park

Claire Boyle Skatepark

Rexburg, Idaho

12.3 miles NE

There are 2 bowls right next to each other plus several boxes quarter pipes and rails. It's not huge but it's also rarely crowded. It's all concrete with metal edge, specially for...


skateboard Skateboard Park

Smith Park

Sugar City, Idaho

15.6 miles NE

Sugar Hill is a smaller sledding hill in Sugar City's Smith Park. It's great for younger kids or just some quick runs. You can often get a good run on every side.

Skateboard, Sled

skateboard Skateboard Park

sled Sledding Hill

Idaho Falls Skate Park

Idaho Falls, Idaho

17.2 miles S

Skateboard near Idaho Falls, Idaho


skateboard Skateboard Park

James Simpson Skatepark

Shelley, Idaho

25.0 miles S

Skateboard near Shelley, Idaho


skateboard Skateboard Park

Blackfoot Skatepark

Blackfoot, Idaho

40.4 miles SW

This 18000-square-foot-concrete park has a bowl area with a pyramid in the middle and a street course consisting of a four-step rail, two funboxes, and quarterpipes all around. They also have a...


skateboard Skateboard Park

0.1-0.2 mi

Driggs Bike and Skate Park

Driggs, Idaho

44.4 miles E

This is a great concrete skatepark and small mountain bike park with great features, both natural and wooden. There's a great pavilion right next to the skatepark and parking lot. While...

Mountain Bike, Skateboard

skateboard Skateboard Park

mountain bike Mountain Bike Trail

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