Twin Bridges - Dive and Swim near St. Anthony, Idaho
N 2950 E, St Anthony, ID 83445,St. Anthony,Idaho
44.018528312002324, -111.57078623771667
6.6 miles NE of St. Anthony, Idaho
Address: N 2950 E, St Anthony, ID 83445
GPS: 44°1'6.7"N 111°34'14.8"W
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State: Idaho

Dive and Swim

There's an old abandoned bridge next to the one currently in use. The water is pretty deep underneath and offers two distinct levels to jump from. There's a little rope swing under the bridge and a path up river that makes a great put-in spot for a LITTLE float. If you've got little kids, there's a great little sandbar on the north side of the bridge just upstream from all the commotion. There are almost always people there on the nice days but you rarely ever have to wait to jump.

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  2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
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  6. Respect wildlife
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From St. Anthony, Idaho

  1. Head west on E Main St toward S Bridge St (79 ft)
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto S Bridge St (0.3 mi)
  3. Turn left to merge onto US-20 E toward Ashton/W Yellowstone (5.7 mi)
  4. Turn left onto Ora St (1.0 mi)
  5. Continue onto 875 N (0.3 mi)
  6. Continue onto N 2925 E
    Destination will be on the left
    (0.6 mi)
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Guest Review/Comments



7/5/18 11:40 pm 7/4/18
The water was a pretty good level for decent swimmers to jump. The rocks below weren't exposed but the sandbar above the bridge was.


7/25/17 2:15 pm 7/4/17
Great for jumping diving and swimming. A couple heights to choose from and perfect for flips and gainers.


4/24/17 10:45 am 7/15/16
As far as bridge jumping goes, I think this is the best it gets! It's reasonably safe (just don't jump on the rocks on the side), reasonably high (but you have a low and a high option!) Good parking, and there isn't even traffic on the bridge you have to watch out for. I'd watch out for hot sunny days and holidays, it can get pretty crowded


4/13/17 3:53 pm 8/1/16
We go swimming there at least once a week in the summer! Sometimes it's pretty packed with college students or local kids, but they're all pretty nice. The low jump-off-point is 11 feet, and the high point is 17 feet I think...And the water is plenty deep. Up river a little bit is a sunken old car. It's fun to go look at. Under the bridge there is usually a rope swing...if it's not there this summer, someone should put another one in!


9/10/16 2:37 pm
I hate telling you how much I love this place because it's only downside it how many people know about it! But it handles lots of people pretty well. Great for jumping and the perfect height to perfect your back flips or gainer. Sometimes there is a rope that is great for the little kids. And the slow current is great to just hang out in while you watch your buddies show off. We have way too much fun here!


7/15/16 9:41 am 7/8/16
We've been going here for awhile now. It's a family favorite. Last week, we did some diving and checked out the remains of an old car that was supposedly washed in during the flood. It's just downstream of the rock damn on the north side. You can see the chrome bumper from the rocks. It's not very far down when the water is low like it is now. UPDATE: I found out the car went in the river because of a car accident and then just got washed downstream a little.


3/21/14 1:38 pm 7/4/13
This place is great. If we go with teens and adults, it's great for jumping and if we go with kids, it's great for wading, floating, or light swimming. The little rope swing underneath seems to be a favorite of little kids as well.
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Jumping Zone courtesy of endovereric Jumping Zone courtesy of endovereric↗
Jumping Zone (lower water) courtesy of endovereric Jumping Zone (lower water) courtesy of endovereric↗ Jumping bridge courtesy of endovereric Jumping bridge courtesy of endovereric↗ Sandbar upstream courtesy of endovereric Sandbar upstream courtesy of endovereric↗ Upstream from the bridge courtesy of endovereric Upstream from the bridge courtesy of endovereric↗ Fall River looking North from Twin Bridges Fall River looking North from Twin Bridges Ashton Bridge Flipping by Regan Calder

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