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St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Visited: 1/7/2017


4/24/17 10:59 am 1/7/17
I've been multiple times, with and without snow. This is the perfect place to go sledding or tubing down the snow covered hills. It's so much fun! Although you have to be careful because sometimes you can't tell when there's going to be a dip or drop as you're sledding/tubing down. Going when it's warmer is fun, too. People have bonfires out there and it's nice to just get away from the city of Rexburg and hang out with friends around a fire.

North Menan Butte ('R' Mountain)

Visited: 4/1/2016


4/24/17 10:38 am 4/1/16
It's a good hike, but it's not incredibly scenic. It's a pretty steep/difficult hike on one side, but if you drive to the other parking lot, there will be handrails and easier trails to walk on. It's close to BYU-I, so if you don't want to drive very far from Rexburg, it's a decent hike to do.

Monkey Rock

Visited: 3/12/2016


4/24/17 10:45 am 3/12/16
I went when there was still snow on the ground. I went for a couples' photoshoot I was doing. It's a neat place to go for a walk and take some pictures. I've heard it's pretty fun to go in the warmer months though when you can go in the water.

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