Canyoneering is any adrenaline junkie's dream because of the adventurous nature of the activity. Canyoneering is anything that gets thrill seekers across a canyon either by swimming, climbing, rappelling, cliff jumping, or hiking.

What you will need

There are several items you need before you head on your first Canyoneering adventure. You will need a backpack, a drybag (for items you don’t want wet), rope, a harness, carabiners, a helmet, and good shoes with good grip. For many canyons, being a proficient rock climber is a must. You should at least be very confident with rappelling.

If you are canyoneering for your first time, bring a guide that has experience canyoneering where you want to go.

Canyoneering often involves water so be adequately prepared with water shoes, quick drying clothes, plenty of food and water, and a hiking pole. Always be aware of the weather patterns near your canyon and upstream from you. Even a little ran upstream could create a massive flash flood scenario if you're trying to navigate a narrow slot canyon.


  • Pack out what you bring in. Be sure not to leave trash or any waste along trails to make sure that the canyoneering experience is as great for any other adventurers that come after you.
  • When faster climbers are in the same area as you, let them pass you in order to prevent crowding along the narrow canyon areas.
  • Remember to take your ropes and use specialized raps to prevent grooves being made in the rock to preserve the natural structures you are climbing

Where to Go

There are some great places to go canyoneering all around the United States. From Zion National Park in Utah to Watkins Glen State Park in New York. Pick a place that you are comfortable with and know the surroundings so you can be prepared in case of emergency. Be aware of your skill level so you do not get into any situation you aren’t ready for. It’s ok to work your way up to your dream destinations!

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