Battle Creek Falls - Canyoneer and Hike near Pleasant Grove, Utah
Pleasant Grove,Utah
40.36298380631541, -111.70062647908777
2.0 miles E of Pleasant Grove, Utah
GPS: 40°21'46.7"N 111°42'2.3"W
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State: Utah
Trails/Routes: 1.2 mi

Canyoneer and Hike

Battle Creek Falls, located near Pleasant Grove, Utah, is a scenic waterfall that also has a rappelling and rock climbing area nearby. Hikers are allowed to see the falls from two view points, below and above the falls, if hikers are willing to hike beyond the falls. The Battle Creek Falls trail head start at Kiwanis Park in Pleasant Grove where hikers take a short hike to the falls. The canyon area is beautiful and the trail is very wide allowing for many hikers to hike up to and come back from the falls at a time. 

The trail is accessible year round but the best times to hike the trail are from April to October because the trail gets icy in winter months (although Battle Creek Falls is beautiful when frozen over). The trail is about 1.2 miles and is an out and back style trail. Hikers have the option to keep going up Battle Creek Canyon if they wish to get some steep climbs in for the day. The hike is very easy and is very family friendly with lots of great spots to take pictures. 

Locals and visitors alike enjoy Battle Creek Falls for its majestic beauty and fun, easy hiking. If you and your family are looking for an activity to do together Battle Creek Falls could be exactly what you are looking for.

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