Mt Helena Ridge - Mountain Bike near Helena, Montana
~4924 Prospector Gulch Rd, Helena, MT 59601, USA,Helena,Montana
46.54126711, -112.10871886
4.7 miles SW of Helena, Montana
Address: ~4924 Prospector Gulch Rd, Helena, MT 59601, USA
GPS: 46°32'28.6"N 112°6'31.4"W
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State: Montana
Trail Length: 11.00 miles
MTB Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail Type: Loop
MTB Trail Type: Singletrack

Mountain Bike

Start up the road. At 0.2 miles, you have your first decision point--you may turn left up the road (this the long way, but it takes you up untravelled road then gives you extra singletrack which will dump you out back on the main road a few miles up) or go straigt up the road and hed for the entrance to the ridge. Either way, you will come to a fork with a bunch of mailboxes in the middle--go right. A little over a hlf mile thereafter, you will see the Mt Helena ridge trail on the right. The climb is moderate at first and steepens for a bit before you gain the ridge--then the fun begins. There will be some roller-coaster downhill, popping in and out between meadows and ofrests. The singletrack is excellent. After 2.6 miles of singletrack, the mini ridge trail heads down to the right--ignore it. After 4.0 miles of singletrack, the Show Me The Horse trail (unsigned when I last rode) heads to the right. Look for it as it drops to the right in an open area--this is the best descent. Or you can go straight another mile an a half to complete the ridge and take the McKelvey trail (this is the one that dumps out right where you parked). The Show Me the Horse trail meanders gently downhill through the meadow at first, then picks up speed as it enters very thick forest--it yanks and banks at high speed with some bermed corners and a couple small drops that are an absolute hoot. After a mile and a half of rip-snortin' good fun, even hitting the pavement wont wipe the grin off your face. Follow the road a short distance back to your car. Courtesy of

Never modify trail features. Ride trails when they're dry enough that you won't leave ruts. Speak up when you see others on the trail and always yield to hikers, horses, and others coming uphill. Always ride on the established trail.

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  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimize campfire impacts
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors


From Helena, Montana

  1. Head northwest on W 6th Ave toward Hibbard Way (354 ft)
  2. Turn left onto N Park Ave (0.6 mi)
  3. Continue onto W Main St (0.4 mi)
  4. Slight right onto Grizzly Gulch (4.1 mi)
  5. Turn right onto Prospector Gulch Rd
    Destination will be on the right
    (33 ft)
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