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38.3K East Idaho Kid Hikes by endovereric

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4.5 mi

Sheep Bridge Trail

Driggs, Idaho

6.7 miles NE of Driggs, Idaho

 This is a great easy trail for beginner hikers or mountain bikers. In the early summer, you'll find many beautiful wildflowers and large kaleidoscopes of butterflies to go with them. You may want to wear bright colors and walk slowly to entice the butterflies to land on you. There's often a wide variety so may even want a book to identify them all.

The new trailhead is just off Teton Canyon Road and has parking for 15-20 vehicles. From there, you'll follow the trail about 0.25 miles south to Teton Creek where you'll cross a bridge. After crossing the bridge, you'll find a short uphill but after that, the ascent is minimal. The trail is pretty easy to follow as long as you keep right and keep heading East. Just short of halfway, there's a nice little spot where the trail forks left and you can go down and take a break at the creek. The entire trail runs about 2.25 miles, running parallel to Teton Creek and ending at a creek just short of Treasure Mountain Scout Camp. If you're on a bike, that's where it gets fun. Turn that bike around and enjoy some easy but fun downhill singletrack.

Hike, Mountain Bike

mountain bike Mountain Bike Trail

hike Hiking Trail

Added on 17 May 2020

Sheep Falls on Fall River

Ashton, Idaho

17.7 miles E of Ashton, Idaho

The lesser known Sheep Falls on Fall River is a local treasure off of Cave Falls road. There are primitive campsites and beautiful views for a great picnic spot. The water splits and comes down in multiple places creating a unique set of waterfalls.


camp Campsite

Added on 28 Sep 2018

Pine Butte / The Caldera

St. Anthony, Idaho

21.7 miles N of St. Anthony, Idaho

This is about as close to an oasis as you can get in the deserts of Idaho. It's an old volcano in the middle of the sagebrush desert. As soon as you start down the path, you can feel the air change and the vegetation becomes that of a mountain forest. There are a ton of pine trees on the hillsides and a beautfiul meadow at the bottom surrounded by thick aspen trees. The bottom part of the sides nearly all the way around is covered with large boulders great for a little rock hiking if you care to explore. The path in is about as easy a hike as it gets. Maybe a little steep at points but it's only about a quarter mile down in. It's pretty small and there's a pretty established place for fires with plenty of dead wood scattered around. 

Camp, Hike, Horseback

hike Hiking Trail

camp Campsite

horseback Horseback Trail

Added on 28 Sep 2018
1.0-7.5 mi

Idaho Falls Greenbelt

Idaho Falls, Idaho

0.5 miles NW of Idaho Falls, Idaho

The Idaho Falls Greenbelt is one of Idaho Falls charms located in the heart of Idaho Falls, next to the historic Idaho Falls downtown. The paved foot-trail is approximately 6 miles around, following the river plus brings you past the hotels and some of restaurants in Idaho Falls. The trail is enjoyed by bicyclists, joggers or pedestrians who just want to relax and check out the sites beside the 22 foot waterfall, stretching over 600 feet wide. You cross the Broadway Bridge (on the west bank) to get a great view of the entire length of the falls. The path takes you down Riverside Drive, through the South side of downtown Idaho Falls, past the War Veterans Memorial, past a scenic viewing area, alongside fisherman's park, and more.

Broadway to John's Hole & Around 2.3 miles
John's Hole to Freeman Park 0.4 miles
Around Freeman Park 1 mile
Broadway to Pancheri & Back 1.4 miles

hike Hiking Trail

Added on 5 Jun 2018
0.6-4.7 mi

Harriman State Park

Island Park, Idaho

8.3 miles SW of Island Park, Idaho

Harriman State Park is found 38 miles from Yellowstone along Henry's Fork. This 11,000-acre wildlife refuge is open year round for most activities. In addition to having beautiful scenery and wildlife, the area also has several houses that were built when the park was a privately owned ranch. The area is home to one of the best fly-fishing streams in the country, an eight mile portion of Henry's Fork river. There are many activities here including horseback riding, hiking, tours of the ranch, and fly-fishing.

During the summer, the trails through Harriman are a great place to hike and explore. There are plenty of wildflowers growing and the lakes and rivers flow nicely. Visitors will be able to see plenty of small wildlife, including swans on Silver lake, and there might even be a chance to see a moose or a bear. Part of the park crosses into the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Along the river, there are beautiful views of the Tetons and the Yellowstone Plateau. 

In the winter, the park is home to more than 24 miles of Nordic ski trails. The trails all vary in level of difficulty and distance. Most of the trails will go around Silver Lake and loop back towards the ranch houses. Other winter activites include fat biking and snowshoeing. The ranch houses are great in the winter because several have large fireplaces to warm up by. 

The ranch houses can be rented out by visitors and have different accommodations for each house. Some of the houses include large gathering areas great for large groups of people. During different seasonns of the year the park offers events for the general public including star gazing and music camps. 

This is an Idaho State Park and there are day use fees. Passes have reciprocity with Mesa Falls State Park which is only about 20 minutes away.

Cross-country Ski, Hike, Horseback, Mountain Bike, Snowshoe