Eureka Cave - Cave near Mountain Home, Idaho
Mountain Home,Idaho
43.12271400065, -115.574098099529
5.9 miles E of Mountain Home, Idaho
GPS: 43°7'21.8"N 115°34'26.8"W
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State: Idaho


Eureka Cave is a lava tube. In other words, this was previously a tunnel for lava flows. There's a large hole to get into the cave. While climbing equipment is helpful, most relatively fit individual are able to make the descent without much difficulty. Sadly, like most of these caves, there has been a considerable amount of vandalizing and littering. Please pack out what you pack in and leave the place better than you found it.

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  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimize campfire impacts
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors


From Mountain Home, Idaho

  1. Head northeast on E 2nd N St toward American Legion Blvd (0.1 mi)
  2. Slight right onto ID-51 N/American Legion Blvd
    Continue to follow ID-51 N
    (1.6 mi)
  3. Continue onto US-20 E (0.3 mi)
  4. Turn right onto Worth Lee Rd (3.5 mi)
  5. Keep right (1.6 mi)
  6. Continue straight (249 ft)
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Guest Review/Comments



10/3/18 3:09 am 9/25/18
Really cool cave to spelunk in been there 20+ times everytime I go I find something else interesting. There is a little bit of a climb into the cave but climbing gear isn't necessary just make sure you have good foot and hand holds. There are multiple rock piles that you have to climb over be careful of loose rocks and if you keep your eyes open you can find offshoots to crawl though. There are a few mineral formations in the cave that are pretty cool as well. Seen mice, rats, frogs, bats, and pigeons in cave so keep in mind of wild life. Cattle guard and road is pretty worn out so be carefull.
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6/8/16 8:18 pm
It is a giant hole in the ground and it is easy to climb down. The north side of the lava tube has an area you can crawl through but it only goes about 50ft until it dead ends. There is room to turn around at the end. The south side of the lava tube is a huge tunnel that goes for a few hundred feet. At the end someone has dug a tunnel so it keeps going for a while. The cons are that there is some graffiti on the walls, the locals have dumped a lot of trash in the entrance, and though we didn't see any snakes we did see their trails. Overall it was a good experience.
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the hole the hole
Mouth of the Cave Mouth of the Cave The hole The hole

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