Map of 13 Free Sledding Hills near Menan, Idaho - Free Arenas
Menan, ID 83434, USA
43.720744, -111.9899703
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Map of 13 Free Sledding Hills near Menan, Idaho

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Jefferson County Lake (AKA Rigby Lake)

Rigby, Idaho

4.6 miles E

Rigby Lake has long been a favorite swimming hole for those in the area. The county has taken it well under its wing and made it a buzzing spot on any warm summer day. Along with the long standing...

Camp, Canoe, Dive, Kayak, Sled, Swim

sled Sledding Hill

swim Swimming Hole

camp Campsite

canoe Canoeing Area

kayak Kayaking Area

dive Diving Platform

Ucon Pit

Idaho Falls, Idaho

8.8 miles S

This is a great set of hills. The hills are big. There's almost no obstacles. With hills on every side, it's almost impossible to find this place over crowded.


sled Sledding Hill

Teton Lakes Golf Course

Rexburg, Idaho

11.9 miles NE

This golf course is open year round, for golfing in the summers to cross country skiing in the winter. During the winter the course has over two miles of groomed cross country ski trails. You can...

Cross-country Ski, Sled

sled Sledding Hill

cross-country ski Cross Country Ski Trail

0.1 mi

Founder's Square Hill (Under the Water Tower)

Rexburg, Idaho

12.0 miles NE

This is a great sledding hill. It's about the perfect steepness and really wide. It's also big enough to make it worth a little run on a snowboard or an inner tube. While this is a pretty...


sled Sledding Hill

0.1-0.5 mi

Eagle Park

Rexburg, Idaho

12.5 miles NE

Eagle Park is a little urban oasis. Once you drive in to this cottonwood forest along the river, you may forget that you're still inside Rexburg city limits. You can camp, picnic, throw rocks in...

Camp, Hike, Mountain Bike, Sled

sled Sledding Hill

mountain bike Mountain Bike Trail

hike Hiking Trail

camp Campsite

0.4-0.7 mi

Rexburg Bike Park

Rexburg, Idaho

12.8 miles NE

It's a small but great bike park for all ages; if you are a beginner, then this is the bike park to go to. The mounts are a decent size and approximately 4-6 mounts in different sizes for the...

Mountain Bike, Sled

sled Sledding Hill