Jefferson County Lake (AKA Rigby Lake) - Camp, Canoe, Dive, Kayak, Sled, and Swim near Rigby, Idaho
492 Rigby Lake Dr, Rigby, ID 83442, USA,Rigby,Idaho
43.69969001286443, -111.90252721309662
2.0 miles N of Rigby, Idaho
Address: 492 Rigby Lake Dr, Rigby, ID 83442, USA
GPS: 43°41'58.9"N 111°54'9.1"W
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State: Idaho

Restrooms Picnic Tables

Camp, Canoe, Dive, Kayak, Sled, and Swim

Rigby Lake has long been a favorite swimming hole for those in the area. The county has taken it well under its wing and made it a buzzing spot on any warm summer day. Along with the long standing bathroom facilities and volleyball court, there is now two playgrounds. The beach has been extended along almost the entire South shore and is now covered with sand perfect for sand castles or even burying kids in the sand. There are two floating docks on the West end of the lake that are great for jumping into the water. One of the docks even has a slide that will drop you out over the water for a small splash. There's often a food truck parked there now as well. There are several pavilions big and small and a campground on the North end of the lake.

There are bouys that divide the safe swimming zone from the open water where you'll find plenty of canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards.

The lake, parking lot, facilities, and surrounding area is now fairly well maintained. To maintain everything, there is a $6.18 per vehicle access fee or you can buy a season pass for $30 (As of 7/6/2017).

When the lake drains and/or freezes in the winter, this is also a great spot to go sledding. There is no fee to park here in the winter.

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimize campfire impacts
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors


From Rigby, Idaho

  1. Head south on N State St toward W Main St (75 ft)
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto E Main St (0.2 mi)
  3. Continue onto Farnsworth Way (0.7 mi)
  4. Turn left onto N 4000 E/Graham Rd (469 ft)
  5. Turn right onto N 4000 E/Graham Rd/Rigby Lake Dr (1.2 mi)

Take the North Rigby Exit from Hwy 20. Go towards Wendy’s. Turn North on N 4000 E/Graham Rd. Rigby Beach is located at the end of the road.

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Doris Fyfe

3/19/21 2:16 pm
Where and how do I buy a season pass?


4/27/20 4:41 pm
We had a great time! We were able to rent kayaks and go through the entire lake. We loved it!


5/1/18 11:47 am 7/1/17


7/6/17 10:09 pm
This place was packed! There were so many people here. The grass above the beach was pretty tightly covered with sportbrellas and canopies. The beach and water were just full of kids. Even with all of that though, it was akin to an uncrowded pool. I only bumped into somebody else like twice. I didn't have to wait to jump off the dock and hardly had to wait to go on the slide. The water could not have been a better temperature. It was cool but not to the point that it makes you shiver, just feels good. The docks were easily my favorite part and it's super deep where they are so you can dive down a long ways without much concern. I was glad we brought inner tubes. They really added to it.


9/10/16 2:09 pm
It's nice to have a beach in the middle of a land locked state! I'm always sad when they drain it at the end of the year. Great for all ages to swim and kayak and whatever else you like to do in the water. Except skinny dipping. Don't skinny dip here. ;)
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Jefferson County Lake by Troy Hudson Jefferson County Lake by Troy Hudson
Rigby Lake Beach courtesy of endovereric Rigby Lake Beach courtesy of endovereric↗ Slide Dock courtesy of endovereric Slide Dock courtesy of endovereric↗ Jumping Dock courtesy of endovereric Jumping Dock courtesy of endovereric↗ Rigby Lake Playground courtesy of endovereric Rigby Lake Playground courtesy of endovereric↗

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