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1.2 mi

Battle Creek Falls

Pleasant Grove, Utah

2.0 miles E of Pleasant Grove, Utah

Battle Creek Falls, located near Pleasant Grove, Utah, is a scenic waterfall that also has a rappelling and rock climbing area nearby. Hikers are allowed to see the falls from two view points, below and above the falls, if hikers are willing to hike beyond the falls. The Battle Creek Falls trail head start at Kiwanis Park in Pleasant Grove where hikers take a short hike to the falls. The canyon area is beautiful and the trail is very wide allowing for many hikers to hike up to and come back from the falls at a time. 

The trail is accessible year round but the best times to hike the trail are from April to October because the trail gets icy in winter months (although Battle Creek Falls is beautiful when frozen over). The trail is about 1.2 miles and is an out and back style trail. Hikers have the option to keep going up Battle Creek Canyon if they wish to get some steep climbs in for the day. The hike is very easy and is very family friendly with lots of great spots to take pictures. 

Locals and visitors alike enjoy Battle Creek Falls for its majestic beauty and fun, easy hiking. If you and your family are looking for an activity to do together Battle Creek Falls could be exactly what you are looking for.

Canyoneer, Hike

hike Hiking Trail

canyoneer Canyon

Beyer Skatepark

Modesto, California

3.8 miles N of Modesto, California
Skateboard near Modesto, California

skateboard Skateboard Park

4.7 mi

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Salt Lake City, Utah

2.1 miles N of Salt Lake City, Utah

Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a great place for hiking, biking, and trail running. It stretches from North Salt Lake to Parley's Canyon. The trail follows the shoreline of ancient Lake Bonneville. 

There are multiple trailheads to choose from. The City Creek trailhead (which is at the bottom of City Creek Canyon) can take you to North Salt Lake. Distance is about 5 miles.

You can also take the City Creek trailhead and follow the trail for about 7 miles into the foothills. It crosses paths with the Bobsled trail which is a very steep slope that will take you right into the city.

Hike, Mountain Bike

mountain bike Mountain Bike Trail

hike Hiking Trail

Point Dume State Beach

Malibu, California

2.3 miles SW of Malibu, California

Point Dume State Beach features headlands, cliffs, rocky coves and vast beach access. The beach is presently operated by Los Angeles County, which also operates Zuma County Beach. These facilities are noted for swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and fishing. Point Dume is a perfect place to watch for California gray whales during the December to mid-April migration period.

Point Dume Beach is a great place to get away from the crazy summer crowds that flood California beaches. It still gets its fair share of visitors but is not overly crowded like many of the other beaches. It's one of the more quiet and tranquil beaches around. There is an easy hiking trail where you can hike up the to the highest point of the coastal hills and see a great view of the beach all around you. At the  A fun fact: you can see Tony Stark's home from the Iron Man movie up there.

This location is a popular destination for filmmakers shooting movies, so it's not uncommon to see camera crew here.

There is very limited parking near beach access, so finding a parking spot may prove to be a hassle. Some places are free to park, others have a small parking fee. You should also expect to walk a bit after parking since there are only a few parking spots right next to the beach access point.


Dive, Hike, Rock Climb, Swim

rock climb Rock Climbing Wall

swim Swimming Hole

hike Hiking Trail

dive Diving Platform

Rainbow Recreation Center

Oakland, California

4.7 miles SE of Oakland, California

Rainbow Skateboard Park is open Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. Safety gear is required for everyone who uses the park.


skateboard Skateboard Park

Wild Willy's Hot Spring

Mammoth Lakes, California

11.0 miles E of Mammoth Lakes, California

Wild Willy's Hot Springs, also known as Crowley Hot Springs, is a spring located in Long Valley. Long Valley is home to one of the highest concentrations of geothermal surface water in California. Wild Willy's is surrounded by mountains in sagebrush plains, so you get to see a pretty view while you soak and relax in the natural hot springs.

There is a long wooden walkway that's about .2 miles long from where you park that leads you straight to the springs. The surrounding area is wide open with views of the Sierra Nevadas, making it quiet and peaceful if the springs aren't crowded, which they usually are.

There are a few pools here, the larger one attracting more people since it is deeper and has the capacity to accommodate larger groups. The smaller ones are a bit more shallow and are best for a couple people. The smaller pools are also usually hotter, making it feel more like a hot tub. The downside to these hot springs is that it attracts so many visitors because it is free and public.

The water temperature ranges from 95 - 105 degrees, depending on the day.

There are designated camping areas for those who prefer the overnight experience.

Camp, Hot Springs

camp Campsite

hot springs Hot Spring

Alameda Skatepark

Alameda, California

3.9 miles NW of Alameda, California

Alameda Skate Park is a popular location for skateboards, scooters and bikes. It has a unique layout perfect for all levels of skaters; featuring steel ramps, a large concrete bowl, as well as a variety of transitions. The skate park has been built on a former naval base, is well maintained, includes awesome views of boats on the ocean and is open from dawn until dusk.


skateboard Skateboard Park

Avalon Skatepark

Avalon, California

0.3 miles S of Avalon, California
Skateboard near Avalon, California

skateboard Skateboard Park

Reed Skatepark

Mesa, Arizona

2.2 miles E of Mesa, Arizona
This nineteen acre outdoor concrete skatepark is fairly big. It features an intermediate level street course, a combi pool, hips, and a large beginners area. For more information call Mesa Reed Skatepark or check out their Web site: of

skateboard Skateboard Park

Volcom Skatepark of Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa, California

2.4 miles NE of Costa Mesa, California

This park is so fun, its small but has some great lines. Also has a nice big bowl and a small kidney bowl. A couple rails and stairs, you can find some of southern cals great skaters at this park. Pads are required but only inforced once and a while, but they will ticket you if caught. Open at night You will find the owner there trying not to kill himself on the kink rail..check out some video of the park.Courtesy of


skateboard Skateboard Park

La Sierra Skatepark

Carmichael, California

1.3 miles NW of Carmichael, California
CLOSED. Closed permanently.
This new city-run skate park features a 6-foot miniramp, a 12-foot vertical ramp and a street course with rails and quarterpipes. Pads are required, and a fee is charged to skate. Courtesy of

skateboard Skateboard Park

Volonte Skate Park

Anderson, California

0.5 miles SW of Anderson, California
place looks fun worth checking out its right off the 5Courtesy of

skateboard Skateboard Park

Yuba State Park

Levan, Utah

15.6 miles S of Levan, Utah
Excellent rides.Restrooms and drinking water available at state park entrance. Entry to state park not required to ride. Courtesy of
Mountain Bike

mountain bike Mountain Bike Trail

Pebble Beach

Mesa, Arizona

17.7 miles NE of Mesa, Arizona

Pebble Beach is a popular place to go tubing and swimming with designated picnic areas. It's located along the Salt River in Cibola National Forest. The reason the Salt River is so salty is actually due to a type of tree that grows along the river's edge. The Salt Cedar or the Tamarix tree wasn't native to the area until it was introduced to prevent the river bank from eroding as well as catching the top soil from nearby farming regions. The doesn't produce salt but rather draws salt from the soil underground. As the wind blows and the leaves fall from the Tamarix trees, salt is dispersed throughout the land. Since these trees border the river, it makes the entire river salty.


swim Swimming Hole

Bicentennial Park

Provo, Utah

1.9 miles SE of Provo, Utah

Bicentennial Park is a favorite among disc golfers and families in the Provo area. The park has a 16-hole golf course, a duck pond, a playground, and a nature trail which features natural springs and a wetland area with a convenient boardwalk.

Mature landscape, moderate hole lengths, but many obstacles - OB, mandos, monstrous trees and a big spring-fed pond. Truly challenging experience. *May 2013 - Course constricted by construction issues. Use map to make 9. Public (No Fee)Courtesy of
Disc Golf, Hike, Sled

hike Hiking Trail

sled Sledding Hill

disc golf Folf Course

Rock Canyon Disc Golf

Provo, Utah

2.8 miles NE of Provo, Utah

It is located at the mouth of Rock Canyon above BYU. It is very hilly and there are a fair amount of trees. This location is NOT FOR BEGINNERS at disc golf. 

At this course, there are only 10 holes/baskets.

On the hillside above. Up and down with lots of scrub oak. First 6 holes blind tee shots - have a spotter or extra plastic! Not for beginners. Bring course map to aid navigation. Public (No Fee)Courtesy of
Disc Golf

disc golf Folf Course

Temecula Skate Park

Temecula, California

1.6 miles E of Temecula, California
All skaters must be 7 years of age or older. Skaters under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult. All skaters must complete and sign a resident information form and waiver prior to entering the facility. Fee is $1.00 per year. Proof of residency is mandatory. All patrons 17 years of age and under must have their parent or guardian complete and sign the resident/non-resident information form and waiver. The City of Temecula reserves the right to change the schedule as necessary. All skaters must wear the appropriate safety gear which includes: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist/hand guards. All safety gear must be in good condition. Patrons not wearing the appropriate safety gear will not be allowed to skate. Due to safety concerns, spectators who are not skating may not enter the park while activity is in progress. Spectators may remain in the designated spectator area as necessary. Patrons must abide by staff instructions at all times. All forms of graffiti, tagging or other means of defacing City property is strictly prohibited. Such activity will result in temporary closure of the facility and a possible fine. All bikes (including BMX bikes) are prohibited at this facility. All skateboards and in-line skates must be in good repair. All food and drink is prohibited in the skate park facility. Food and drink may be consumed in the designated areas only. Courtesy of

skateboard Skateboard Park

Freestone Skatepark

Gilbert, Arizona

1.5 miles E of Gilbert, Arizona
This 23,000-square-foot Site Design Group-built concrete park is rumored to rival the companys masterpiece in Chandler, Arizona. Freestone features a street plaza and two bowls. As an added bonus, no pads are required to skateCourtesy of

skateboard Skateboard Park

Brecken Ridge Skate Park

Breckenridge, Colorado

1.1 miles NW of Breckenridge, Colorado
Skateboard near Breckenridge, Colorado

skateboard Skateboard Park

Liberty Skatepark

Westminster, California

0.8 miles NE of Westminster, California
Skateboard near Westminster, California

skateboard Skateboard Park

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