109 Things to do near Dubois, Idaho - Free Arenas
Dubois, ID 83423, USA
44.1762984, -112.2308197
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109 Things to do near Dubois, Idaho

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Stoddard Creek

Spencer, Idaho

16.7 miles N

Stoddard Creek Campground is located just 1 mile off I-15 and 17 miles north of the town of Dubois, Idaho. Visitors come to the area to enjoy the abundance of trails, wildlife viewing opportunities...


camp Campsite

Pine Butte / The Caldera

St. Anthony, Idaho

21.1 miles E

This is about as close to an oasis as you can get in the deserts of Idaho. It's an old volcano in the middle of the sagebrush desert. As soon as you start down the path, you can feel the air...

Camp, Hike, Horseback

hike Hiking Trail

camp Campsite

horseback Horseback Trail

Rexburg Area Ice Caves

Rexburg, Idaho

21.5 miles E

Not to be mistaken with the Civil Defense Caves (which are near by), the Ice Caves are about an hour North outside of Rexburg. The Ice Caves were originally formed as lava tubes. Over the years...


cave Cave

Civil Defense Caves

Rexburg, Idaho

22.6 miles E

The caves are large lava tubes. The name comes from the cold war era when they were anticipated as a safe area in the case of an attack. The entrance is pretty bouldery and does require a small...


cave Cave

Egin Lakes

Saint Anthony, Idaho

23.5 miles SE

Egin Lakes is one of the favorite gateways to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. The lakes themselves are unusually shallow and where you'll actually find a lake depends greatly on what time of the...

Sled, Swim

swim Swimming Hole

sled Sledding Hill

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Saint Anthony, Idaho

25.0 miles SE

Best known for their offroad riding conditions, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes provide a sledding experience unlike any other. These mountains of sand are fun for sliding down in the summer but during...


sled Sledding Hill

Lava Hill

Menan, Idaho

25.9 miles S

This is a great little spot. Each team starts at one side of the collapsed lava tube. You can see each other really well from that point. Then you take the hill and get the other guys off it. It...

Airsoft, Paintball

paintball Paintball Field

airsoft Airsoft Field

Webber Creek

Dubois, Idaho

26.0 miles NW

7000-foot elevation. A dispersed area with a trailhead, the only amenity is a toilet. Picnicking. The Webber Creek Trail departs from here, and heads west toward Scott Peak. Fishing in the creek....

Backpack, Camp, Hike, Horseback, Hot Springs, Mountain Bike

mountain bike Mountain Bike Trail

hike Hiking Trail