Grand Targhee XC Park - Mountain Bike near Moose, Wyoming
~3300 E Alta Ski Hill Rd, Moose, WY 83012, USA,Moose,Wyoming
43.788501, -110.958319
15.1 miles NW of Moose, Wyoming
Address: ~3300 E Alta Ski Hill Rd, Moose, WY 83012, USA
GPS: 43°47'18.6"N 110°57'29.9"W
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State: Wyoming
Trail Length: 47.00 miles
MTB Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail Type: Network
MTB Trail Type: Singletrack

Mountain Bike

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Never modify trail features. Ride trails when they're dry enough that you won't leave ruts. Speak up when you see others on the trail and always yield to hikers, horses, and others coming uphill. Always ride on the established trail.

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  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimize campfire impacts
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors


From Moose, Wyoming

  1. Head southeast on Teton Park Rd toward Dornans Rd (0.6 mi)
  2. Turn right onto US-191 S/US-26 W/US-89 S (12.4 mi)
  3. Turn right onto US-191 S/US-26 W/US-89 S/W Broadway (1.4 mi)
  4. Turn right onto WY-22 W
    Entering Idaho
    (17.4 mi)
  5. Continue onto ID-33 W (13.9 mi)
  6. Turn right onto E Little Ave (0.5 mi)
  7. Continue onto Ski Hill Rd
    Entering Wyoming
    (3.5 mi)
  8. Continue onto W Alta Ski Hill Rd
    Destination will be on the right
    (8.3 mi)
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