179 Things to do near Rattle Rock / The Gauntlet - Free Arenas
Rattle Rock / The Gauntlet
43.8154853850059, -112.011097669601
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179 Things to do near Rattle Rock / The Gauntlet

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Lava Hill

Menan, Idaho

2.0 miles W

This is a great little spot. Each team starts at one side of the collapsed lava tube. You can see each other really well from that point. Then you take the hill and get the other guys off it. It...

Airsoft, Paintball

paintball Paintball Field

airsoft Airsoft Field

0.6-2.0 mi

North Menan Butte ('R' Mountain)

Menan, Idaho

2.3 miles SE

The North Menan Butte is more commonly known to the locals and college students as R Mountain. Many kids know it better as Ou'R' Mountain. The butte is a rare and unique geological area and provides...

Camp, Cave, Hike

hike Hiking Trail

camp Campsite

cave Cave

Beaver Dick Park

Rexburg, Idaho

5.3 miles E

Beaver Dick is a park 4.5 miles west of Rexburg, Idaho on Hwy 33. It's a 9.5 acre park that passes next to the west bank of the Henry Fork of the Snake River; it's a popular...

Camp, Canoe, Disc Golf, Swim

swim Swimming Hole

camp Campsite

canoe Canoeing Area

disc golf Folf Course

2.1-2.3 mi

Market Lake Wildlife Management Area

Roberts, Idaho

7.1 miles SW

Mallards, Canada geese, canvasbacks, cinnamon and green-winged teal, northern shovelers and ruddy ducks are common waterfowl species nesting and raising broods on the WMA. Several thousand...

Hike, Horseback

hike Hiking Trail

horseback Horseback Trail

0.8-1.3 mi

Warm Slough Campground

Rexburg, Idaho

8.1 miles NE

This is a pretty popular campsite that fills up pretty quick on busy weekends. Campsites are fairly spread out and there is no official donation box (as of July 2015). A couple of the campsites...

Airsoft, Camp, Canoe

airsoft Airsoft Field

camp Campsite

canoe Canoeing Area

Lorenzo Boat Ramp

Rigby, Idaho

8.5 miles SE

Hike and Kayak near Rigby, Idaho

Hike, Kayak

hike Hiking Trail

kayak Kayaking Area

1.0-1.3 mi

Lorenzo Bridge

Rexburg, Idaho

9.2 miles SE

This is the old site of the Lorenzo Boat Launch, which has moved to the other side of the river a little further downstream. This spot sees very little traffic. There are beautiful, yet...

Airsoft, Hike, Paintball

paintball Paintball Field

airsoft Airsoft Field

hike Hiking Trail