Bighole Mountains / Moody - Airsoft and Paintball near Ririe, Idaho
43.6677474379695, -111.599861383438
9.0 miles E of Ririe, Idaho
GPS: 43°40'3.9"N 111°35'59.5"W
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State: Idaho
Field Type: Public Land

Paintball Permitted

Airsoft and Paintball

This is a little unofficial campground with a plenty of shade for your basecamp and a wooded field with great boundaries. There's 2 roads that split and merge giving you very simple boundaries. It's setup well to play from the SW to the NE and have one team wald. The SE half is about 15-20ft above the NW half but the transition's not to steep to run from the low side to the high side or vice versa. The NW side is fairly sparse but the SE side has a fair amount of brush cover. Even where there's not great barriers to hide behind, there are lots of trees to create some strategic line-of-sight cover.

One of the great things about this field is if you get there and it's taken, you can just drive a mile down the road and just go play in the trees.

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Be considerate of the land you use. The paint will wash off in the rain but take your garbage with you and don't shoot signs or facilities. Don't add junk barriers to the field.
  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimize campfire impacts
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors


From Ririe, Idaho

  1. Head east on Smith St toward 1st E St (0.3 mi)
  2. Continue onto Archer Rd (5.8 mi)
  3. Slight right onto S 600 E (453 ft)
  4. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto E 7800 S (1.1 mi)
  5. Continue onto S 1600 E (0.2 mi)
  6. Keep left (2.6 mi)
  7. Continue onto Lyons Creek Rd (2.2 mi)
  8. Turn right (3.0 mi)
  9. Slight right (1.1 mi)
  10. Slight left (0.3 mi)
  11. Turn left (0.5 mi)
  12. Turn left
    Destination will be on the left
    (266 ft)

Google Maps doesn't show it all very well but as you're going down the road there, you'll come to a gate in a fence. On the other side of the fence, you can see where they've been doing a lot of cutting. Your road is right before that on the left. The setup campsite is about 50 yds down that road just after the road splits. The road comes back together on the other side of the field.

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10/21/14 12:54 pm 10/18/14
I played here for my first time on Saturday. The boundaries were great. We had to establish a SW boundary to separate the field from our base camp but we didn't have any problems with that. There are definitely areas that are more sparse than others but I was surprised how easy it was to use even skinny trees for line of sight cover. You'll want a good signal system to start and stop your games though. We had a disposable air horn and you couldn't always hear it on the other side of the field.
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