Lorenzo Bridge - Airsoft, Hike, and Paintball near Rexburg, Idaho
3987 W 6800 S, Rexburg, ID 83440, USA,Rexburg,Idaho
43.73302241438971, -111.866344758173
7.2 miles SW of Rexburg, Idaho
Address: 3987 W 6800 S, Rexburg, ID 83440, USA
GPS: 43°43'58.9"N 111°51'58.8"W
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State: Idaho
Field Type: Public Land
Trails/Routes: 1.0-1.3 mi

Fall Colors

Airsoft, Hike, and Paintball

This is the old site of the Lorenzo Boat Launch, which has moved to the other side of the river a little further downstream. This spot sees very little traffic. There are beautiful, yet primitive trails along the river and a well hidden lake. There is a lot of marsh ground and the falls colors are amazing. The trails drawn on the map here are partial. They can be followed further and likely connect to form a loop. If you know the rest of the trail, please let us know.

Paintball Field

Great natural boundaries; There's a river on one side and a dry bed on the other. On one end, it drops down and then becomes sparse. On the other end, there's a fence with nice walk-in gates. There's a dry creek bed that runs through it to one side that gives it a good amount of variety. There's quite a bit of undergrowth and even a couple of nice big man-made stick barriers toward the middle of the field. 

When the construction started on the Thornton exit, they blocked off the parking lot on the West side. They built a new parking lot on the East side across the tracks and a trail underneath the bridge and road. You have to haul your stuff now but there is still access to an awesome field.

Mapped Route/Trail Distances

Route #1 1.3 miles Round Trip
Route #2 1.0 miles Round Trip
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Be considerate of the land you use. The paint will wash off in the rain but take your garbage with you and don't shoot signs or facilities. Don't add junk barriers to the field.