Buckskin Morgan Ridge - Hike and Mountain Bike near Ririe, Idaho
~Forest Rd 218, Ririe, ID 83443, USA,Ririe,Idaho
43.64386, -111.59537
9.0 miles E of Ririe, Idaho
Address: ~Forest Rd 218, Ririe, ID 83443, USA
GPS: 43°38'37.9"N 111°35'43.3"W
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State: Idaho
Trail Length: 1.00 miles
MTB Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail Type: Other
MTB Trail Type: Singletrack
Trails/Routes: 1.7 mi

Hike and Mountain Bike

Going up is a little tough because of the rocks, but once you clear the top it is a twisty down hill portion [until] you get to a fenced road. From there you can turn around or keep going strait and follow the snowshoe trail back to an unkempt road [which] will lead back down to the main Kelly canyon road. If that is the case hang a right when you get to the main road and pedal up hill till you get to the parking area. I recommend gong back down the hill to get some really bumpy DH though ***watch for roots and rocks if you go back to the parking area via the morgan trail**** Courtesy of Singletracks.com
Climb from the Hawley/Buckskin parking area to the top of Buckskin Morgan Ridge. The trail has several steep climbs before getting to a rolling hill section that leads you to a dirt road. The trail starts from Road 218, heads into the trees and then up the hill. There is a sign on your right as you start your first climb. You'll encounter plenty of roots on the first climb. Shortly after that, the trail will again have another climb as you head north and west. The second climb is marked by plenty of loose rocks. Once on top of this section, you'll weave your way through the trees and down the hill to an intersection with the road. Courtesy of MTBProject.com