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Buffalo River Campground

Visited: 7/11/2020


7/18/20 1:41 pm 7/11/20
I think we went at the perfect time. The mosquitoes weren't too bad. The river was high enough to keep even our canoe moving and the water was nice and warm (for a river). The float went a little fast for some of us so we paddled back upstream and came back down again. We even saw a blue heron land and take off along the shore.

Tear Drop Lake

Visited: 6/27/2020


7/18/20 1:44 pm 6/27/20
We got eaten alive by the mosquitoes and eventually rained out entirely but in between all of that we had a blast! The kids loved the river and my 5 year old who just learned to ride a bike without training wheels went around and around the lake and rode sections of it so many more times. There were so many people there with kayaks but it never felt crowded. We camped a little further in at a spot that was harder to get to but it was pretty great back there. We kind of had a private beach, just without sand. I would definitely come back but with more bugspray.